See Sheep In Auckland

Many overseas people link sheep with New Zealand

For decades it has become as iconic as the the All Black’s doing the haka at the beginning of a rugby game! But what you might not be aware of, is that the New Zealand Tourism Councils (of Tourism New Zealand), are adamantly aiming to dissuade overseas visitors from viewing New Zealand as one big sheep farm. (Their actual “target market” is for the high adrenaline tours like bungee etc, which may not suit everyone!!). True, there is a lot of differing scenery with lots of things to do throughout the whole of New Zealand, however, our [almost daily] requests from overseas visitors to “visit a sheep farm” is proof that there are folk who still want to see sheep when they visit New Zealand.

The average size of a REAL New Zealand sheep farm is many hundreds of acres…(with several thousands of sheep!)…usually far away from the large cities, and certainly NO where near Auckland (which is the largest city in New Zealand). If you are traveling throughout our country and have the opportunity to visit such a large sheep “station” (as it is termed), then our advice to you would be to do it!!! But the reality of things is, that most people coming to New Zealand won’t be traveling that far away, and many people will be just staying within Auckland CBD ……..AND have very limited time to do a lot of traveling.

There are a couple of “purpose-built” sheep show [Public attractions] available from Auckland, which may suit your requirements. These are: Agrodome in Rotorua (3 – 4 hours drive from Auckland), and the Sheep World Farm (about 45 mins drive from Auckland).

The Coast to Coast SHEEPWORLD tour gets you close and personal with sheep in Auckland!

If you are doing a New Zealand Cruise tour, there are several tours in Akaroa (South Island) which visit a farm. But many cruise boat passengers are so disappointed should this part of their cruise tour be cancelled because there are many times when the cruise boat cannot sail into Akaroa Harbour due to bad seas. If you are a cruise boat passenger and have your farm visit cancelled there, you can always have your sheep farm experience with our Auckland Sheep World tour




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