Auckland Sheepworld Tour

…get close and personal with sheep -IN Auckland!
We can bet… that on your list of “Things to Do” while in New Zealand, it is that you want to see sheep. But where, you may wonder, can you get to see sheep in Auckland???

Our “Sheepworld” tour is your answer to get to Sheepworld Farm and Nature Park! Situated about 45 minutes from Auckland city it’s often difficult to make this journey all the way to Warkworth (unless you have a rental car, and know the route!), so our all-inclusive Auckland Day Tours have been specially designed to not only give you your sheep experience, but also provide you with a relaxing day enjoying the countryside attractions of Auckland.

This Auckland day trip includes ALL of these
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You will begin your day tour with complimentary pick-up (from all central Auckland city accommodations and Cruise Ship ports).
Then it’s straight on the road for informative narrations as we pass through some of Auckland’s suburbs where you can see typical Auckland housing developments. We navigate our way onto State Highway One (New Zealand’s main highway), and head North to the township of Warkworth. There are numerous attractions in Warkworth such as restaurants, cafes and wineries, and after experiencing the area, you will agree; no wonder this region is so popular with tourists!

After approximately 45 minutes, we arrive at the Honey Centre where you can try different types of honey including New Zealand’s most famous Manuka Honey. There aren’t too many places in Auckland where you can do this honey-tasting and have such a range of honey products on offer, so…

We Can’t Miss This Stop!

We then take you onto wine-tasting at an award-winning winery. There are many wineries here, and we select 2 wine-tastings from our hand-picked favourites of the area. Quite often, a tour will take you to taste wines, so if you are searching for an Auckland tour that visits a winery, do check that the price of your tour includes the wine-tasting fee.

All Coast to Coast Tours that do wine-tasting has this FEE INCLUDED

Lunch is always an important feature on our Coast to Coast full day tours. The venue we choose for lunch on our Sheepworld tour is an upmarket cafe -or- restaurant -or- winery…but we assure you that you will not be disappointed! (There are even vegetarian meals available as well, and should you have another food intolerance, then please let us know so we can attend to you personally to the best of our ability). If you are searching for a full day Auckland tour, do be sure to see if the price includes lunch, as many other Auckland tour companies don’t! …simply because it makes the price of their tours look cheaper!

Coast to Coast Tours prides itself as being one of the very few Auckland tour companies that not only include lunch in the price of your tour, but, we also INCLUDE a glass of wine/beer/soda/juice/tea or coffee.

After your delicious refreshments, we are back on the track for the highlight of the day…… our appointment to keep for the Show at Sheepworld, which begins at 2pm!

You will learn first hand about New Zealand’s sheep farming in their fascinating and entertaining one hour presentation. This live demonstration begins with the sheepdogs rounding up and bringing in the sheep, which are then sorted and shorn. The experienced presenters are full of facts and explain what is happening throughout. Shows are authentic and interactive. Visitors get a close-up view of all the action, and of course everybody wants to get ’hands-on’ when its time to feed the lambs!

Shows are held daily in the fully seated indoor Show Barn, and are suitable for all ages. Sheepworld also has a gift shop that you may like to browse at the end of the day! Then, it’s time to hit the road for the picturesque return drive back to Auckland, arriving at approx 4:30pm

This tour can also be a great choice as a Shore Excursion tour,
where we can easily adjust the timings to have you arrive for your cruise ship departure.




Before someone else gets your seat!!