Want a Shore Excursion tour with LOTS of great experiences? One that is ALL-INCLUSIVE, SMALL GROUP, one that picks you up DIRECTLY from your ship/hotel (and gets you back on time)

Our tours, you experience the best of Auckland sightseeing and attractions …
because we are local operators and live in Auckland!

… NO long journeys

incredibly we can provide a tour with as little as no more than 40 minutes from your ship! (so WHY spend your precious time sitting in a bus? – you want to see and experience as much as possible during your time in Auckland…don’t you?)

Some of our stops include:

– Craftmarket (NZ made products)…why buy fake?

– Wine-tasting (award-winning winery)…why book a separate wine-tasting tour?

– Lunch (your choice with wine/beer!)…why have the time and worry of finding something to eat?

– Muriwai Beach (black sands & bird colony)…why NOT see this region with a local tour company ?

– Arataki Visitor’s Centre (Waitakere Rainforest)…don’t miss one of Auckland’s most famous attractions!

– Sheepworld (YES, see sheep in Auckland)…you don’t have to travel for hours to experience sheep!


NO hiking

– (or swimming, …or waiting around for others!)

SMALL groups

– (our minivan carries 11 persons)

DIRECT pick-up

– (ALL inner city Hotels & Cruise Ship ports)

FLEXIBLE start/finish time

– (adjusted for Cruise Ship sail-times)

PERSONAL service

– (we are the owner/operators)


– (this tour is not geared for young children!)

… and … we’re 100% LEGAL

>Please be aware: there ARE those who are NOT<


This tour is renowned as Auckland’s best “value-for-money” Shore Excursion tour

Unfortunately, the “value-for-money” part of any item is often overlooked when the price is viewed without any in-depth knowledge of the product.

You may like to ask yourself; “What value” do I place on…

  • Knowing who will be hosting me right from the moment my email inquiry is answered? [well, hopefully answered!]. On this tour, it is US [the owner/operators] who you will be with, as we don’t have staff or guides nor pass you onto any one else. >(Ever hoped you weren’t going to have “that” guide after reading reviews about a tour?)
  • Having my lunch [with beverage] included in the price?  On this tour, we take you to an upmarket cafe/restaurant and you choose your own meal. The menu is rated superb by most, that’s why it is regarded as one of your “experiences” during your tour. >(Ever booked a tour with no lunch provided and been worried what-how-and-when you were going to get your lunch?)
  • Traveling in a small group? On this tour, it is very personalised with our minivan taking just 11 persons. >(Ever felt like a mob of sheep on large coach tours?)
  • Having lots of experiences all on the one tour? On our tours we stop many times and you are guaranteed to have real New Zealand “experiences”. >(Ever had to take more than one tour of the same region just so you could have more than one experience?)
  • Being just a short distance from your ship? On many of our tours you are only minutes from your ship. More, your precious time is not taken up in travel. >(Ever had a tour drive most of the day for you to see one or two things … OR have you ever needed to return to your ship/hotel in an emergency?)


We hope you will consider allowing us to host you…to provide you with a memorable Auckland Shore Excursion tour.

…we look forward to meeting you soon – Peter & Lola.