sheep shearing demonstration

New Zealand SHEEP FARM in Auckland

ALL of our Auckland tours include visiting our own **genuine** sheep farm and Homestead. You’ll enjoy a ‘hands-on’ with our pet sheep (and baby lambs born in July). Speak to real farmers and visit our woolshed to learn all about the New Zealand sheep & wool industry.
We are just 40 minutes from downtown Auckland!
Visit to our farm is ONLY by taking our tour. (We aren’t open to the public, that’s what makes your tour with us so unique).
Click to see a SHEEP SHEARING video […]

wool-break in sheep


WOOL-BREAK IN SHEEP IS A NATURAL RESPONSE TO STRESS   …It sure doesn’t look very nice, does it? This loss of wool is called “wool-break” and it is a natural response to a stress situation the sheep has recently encountered, for example an accident or trauma.       “What happens if you don’t shear…